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Stories begin here.

Situated at the confluence of the Ohio and Kanawha rivers, Point Pleasant is a small city located in Mason County, West Virginia. It is recognized on the National Register of Historic Places for the Battle of Point Pleasant, which began on October 10, 1774. Point Pleasant offers diverse attractions through its rich, diverse history and folklore. Tu-Endie-Wei State Park provides a scenic view of where the two rivers meet and features an 84-foot tall monument that commemorates the Battle of Point Pleasant. The city is also known for its connection to the cryptid legend the Mothman, which is showcased through the World’s only Mothman Museum, an annual Mothman Festival, and a life-sized statue of the winged creature himself. Point Pleasant is a friendly, welcoming community that is an ideal tourist destination for history buffs and folklore fans. Visitors can kayak at Krodel Park, attend one of the city's many events, learn about the area's Native American and American Revolution history, stroll through Riverfront Park to view the visit murals and statues, explore Fort Randolph, fish along the two rivers, eat and shop on Main Street, and more. Visitors can learn about the area's stories while writing their own. Point Pleasant, West Virginia—“Stories begin here.”


Located along the Ohio and Kanawha rivers with easy road-travel access, Point Pleasant has untapped tourism potential as a destination for folklore fans, history buffs and regional visitors alike. However, the need for a cohesive brand identity, an outdated online presence, the lack of promotion and awareness of its diversified historical, folklore, and outdoor offerings, and its potential as a unique tourism destination presented challenges to Point Pleasant's growth.


After extensive research including three surveys of different target audiences and creative workshops and focus groups with community members, BrandJRNY developed a strategic branding plan for Point Pleasant. This three-phase plan will not only attract visitors but also resonates with the community. Strategies included a cohesive and research-based brand identity, increased online and social presence, digital and traditional advertising to reach target audiences, enhanced media awareness, brand implementation, social media promotion for local businesses, community engagement, and more. 


  • 1,171,568 media impressions

  • Logo, slogan and color scheme

  • New tourism and community-focused website with high-quality photos and videos

  • Increased social media engagements by 260%

  • Branded deliverables, merchandise and promotional materials

  • Increased community engagement by nearly 79%

  • Rack card design and placed at targeted West Virginia Welcome Centers

  • Targeted advertisements using GoogleAds

  • Social media and website training; new Instagram account

  • Branded out-of-home billboard advertisements in targeted travel locations ​

  • Print advertisement spread in travel guide

  • Branded video ad spots to reach target audiences

  • Branded street flags 

  • Social media promotion to support local businesses during COVID-19


A compilation of materials created by the fall and spring #BrandPointPleasant teams


Chelsea Harper and Rick Handley at the Community Roundtable event
Team at Mothman Festival
Team exploring TNT Area at McClintic Wildlife Management Area
Community Kickoff Event
BrandJRNY student handing out forms to community members at Community Roundtable event
Brand Storytelling team member flying the drone
Some of the BrandJRNY students in front of the Murals at Riverfront Park
Community member trying out an AR/VR experience
The BRandJRNY team on a Zoom call

Brand Point Pleasant Teams

Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 11.36.44 AM.PN

"From history to mystery, Point Pleasant has something for everyone to enjoy.  BrandJRNY has assisted us in telling our story so that others can share in our diverse offerings and create their own stories."

- Leigh Ann Shepard, Point Pleasant Branding Committee Chair

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