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How you can stay motivated during unforeseen circumstances

The past month has been a bit different than we expected, to say the least. Over these past four weeks, WVU has transitioned to all online classes for the remainder of the semester because of COVID-19. I have been social distancing in my apartment alone since then, and it hasn’t been the most exciting thing. This wasn’t exactly how I planned to end my senior year of undergrad, but it is necessary for us to do. 

BrandJRNY students using an Instagram photo prop while at the brand launch on March 3 | Source: Kristian Davis

Since this started, the BrandJRNY team has worked from home on several different projects to see this campaign through. From designing new promotional materials and advertisements for Point Pleasant to writing this blog, BrandJRNY students and faculty are working even harder to ensure the project is successful. After seeing the excitement from community members at the Brand Launch on March 3, I became even more motivated to complete the project (check out this Point Pleasant Register article for a recap of the event). The smiles on community members’ faces, after the team revealed the brand, was an incredible feeling. 

As the Public and Media Relations Director, it was important for me to build relationships with the media through face-to-face conversations. I was able to talk with Kayla Hawthorne, a Point Pleasant Register reporter, at the Brand Launch. This type of communication was essential to forming a connection. Because of COVID-19, however, I now have to build relationships with the media via online or phone communication. It is essential to put more effort into forming relationships during these circumstances.

These circumstances may have caused you to worry about what will come. Despite the troubling times we are facing, there are some essential things I have been keeping in mind to stay focused and motivated the past few weeks.

Here are some tips to stay focused while you work from home:

  1. Designate an area to work: If you work from your computer on the couch or bed, you may be less motivated. By having a clean workspace, you may not have as many distractions.

  2. Take breaks: Take a 10-15 minute break every few hours to avoid getting burned out. Going for a walk, making lunch, or getting up for a stretch could help clear your mind. 

  3. Remember why you started: Keep in mind the goals you set for yourself when you first started the project or job you were working on. This will remind you that you will achieve your goals. 

Check out this list by Forbes for more helpful tips to stay motivated while working at home. Stay healthy, friends. 

My name is Adrianne Uphold— but you can call me Adri. I am the public relations and media relations director for BrandJRNY’s Point Pleasant Project. I’m probably hanging out with my toothless cat, Salem. Follow me throughout our journey ⁠— @adriiaanneee.

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