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Point Pleasantries: A Look Inside

Found between the Ohio and Kanawha Rivers, Point Pleasant is bursting with history and mystery. It is a town with such a historical past and even a cryptid creature, the Mothman. Many immediately recognize the city of Point Pleasant due to the Mothman, but there is much more to this town.

Mothman Festival by: Andrés Warren

First Perspectives:

I find that many times being in a new place inspires an appreciation for its beauty. My first time in this town, I was pleasantly surprised at the charm. The town radiates a historical and mysterious vibe, while still having a small town feel and riverside views.


With a slight southern charm and home-town feel, I found the people of Point Pleasant to be welcoming, prepared for positive change and full of traditional values. Approaching people with a camera usually goes one of two ways: they get a bit upset and try to avoid you, or they are all for it, and the people of Point Pleasant had that attitude, excited and proud to show off their town. At the community kick-off, the town attendees were all eager to learn and meet the students. Several community members introduced themselves and told stories of the old days in Point Pleasant.

BrandJRNY Team Members by Andrés Warren

It seemed everywhere we went community members, business owners, and even babies greeted us with a smile. One of my personal favorite encounters was with Marcia Finley, an owner of the Lowe Hotel. When she saw us for the first time walking down the street taking photo and video content she warmly invited us into the Lowe Hotel, thanked us for our work, gave us a tour (even the haunted parts), and dinner suggestions. It’s these types of interactions that leave a good impression in your mind, and keep you inspired and motivated to make positive change.

Mothman Festival:

Taking place once a year and attracting thousands of visitors from around the world, this festival in celebration of Mothman and other mysterious folklore. Celebrating the 18th year, this festival was packed with creepy costumes, creative outfits, and excited attitudes. The town citizens came together to create a massive event, bustling with local businesses, food trucks, and happy people.


This short amount of time I spent in Point Pleasant provided a great first taste of the town's values, beauty and perspectives. While known highly for the Mothman, this town has other great attributes that we will continue to help highlight and show to the world.

Point Pleasant, WV by Andrés Warren

My name is Andrés Warren, and I am a photographer for the BrandJRNY brand storytelling team. While not in class I’m listening to Frank Ocean, traveling the world, or capturing and experiencing the “new.” Keep up with the content on Instagram @andres_warr

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