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We Can Be a Helping Hand

With a very successful brand launch for Point Pleasant at the beginning of March, the Brand Storytelling team and I were very excited about the content we’d be creating for the rest of the semester. We made a schedule of potential trips back to Point Pleasant to work with the community. Since my position is the BrandJRNY videographer, my next duty was to create the recap video from the brand launch. The main idea surrounding a “recap video” was to highlight the event and the key information we presented to the community. The video was then uploaded to BrandJRNY’s social media platforms. We all were at the top of the rollercoaster.

When we think about things that could affect how we interact with others and how we work and go about our day, we’d like to think we could handle it. Even with speculation such as this, I don’t think anyone was truly prepared for COVID-19, nor will anyone not be affected. Though the world is at a standstill, many things still have to continue. For students around the world, school is still in session strictly online. 

Likewise, many small businesses throughout the country are being affected the most through these uncertain times. Unlike big-name brands that mass produce, or chain stores and restaurants that can still stay in business during this time, the local shops and businesses that are essential to small-town America are struggling to stay afloat. Many of these same places have had to lay off their employees, or close their stores altogether until the foreseeable future, or permanently due to the drastic loss of income.

Since domestic travel is not encouraged in West Virginia [Refer to current guidelines set by your local government], except for essential reasons, it’s impossible for the Brand Storytelling team to be in Point Pleasant. Even though it’s challenging to use our skills as videographers and photographers to help Point Pleasant when we’re hours away, we’re still finding ways to support our local communities.

  1. Give blood, if you're able to. Red Cross, as well as other organizations, are in critical need of blood supply and have safe ways for you to donate. 

  2. Help out your local food pantries. Either contact a pantry that's close to your home or give to a national organization, such as No Kid Hungry. Many children who have a difficult time getting food during the normal school year are in extra need now. 

  3. Support your local businesses! When I don't have enough ingredients to cook, I always try to look for local restaurants that are still open rather than chain businesses. They're one of many sectors that are being negatively affected by COVID-19.

  4. Check on your neighbors and family members, especially those who live alone, are elderly, have health or mobility issues, or are caring for children. One positive reassurance can go a long way. 

  5. Keep a positive mindset. You're not alone! We're in this together, and there is a light at the end of this tunnel. 

Though all of us do not know when this uncertain time will end, we should continue to be there for others. If one good thing could possibly come out of this, it's that we as people have a bigger appreciation for the people and things we previously took for granted.

My name is Sara Brinsfield and I am the BrandJRNY videographer. On the rare occasion I have free time, you can find me listening to music, sleeping, learning new languages, or trying to teach Professor Smith how to renegade, but not all in that order. Follow me on our Brand Journey– @smpllbk.

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