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Professional Collaborators 

The Hub is a statewide nonprofit organization with the mission of engaging communities and providers in an intentional, aligned and continuous system of community development. Amanda Workman, director of community engagement, worked closely with BrandJRNY's project director and the teams to facilitate relationship building within the communities, to help build community branding committees for each town,

to gather essential information for the projects, and to assist when the teams were faced with challenges.

One of the nation’s largest independent marketing and communications agencies, Fahlgren Mortine offers services to clients looking to build brands and enhance reputation. Account Director Matthew Sutton talked with students about creating a relevant brand, the importance of stakeholder buy-in, and potential challenges that the teams may face. Sutton also advised students on their brand pitch and creative strategies. Whether through phone conferences, in-person meetings or email, Sutton's expertise was crucial in helping prepare the students and build their confidence for the inaugural project in Matewan.

The EdVenture Group transforms learning environments through quality service, cutting-edge technology, and proven teaching strategies. Reed College of Media alumna and Program Coordinator Amber Ravenscroft worked one on one with students to offer advice and to help them fine tune their social media training manuals, which were used at educational workshops for small business owners.

With a focus on digitial media, Impakt Marketing specializes in marketing and branding through social media, web design, video production, and identity creation. The agency primarily advised students on their social media efforts. Reed College of Media alumna and Content Strategist Megan Woods met with students one on one to offer insight on social media strategy and media buying. Co-founder Luke Nessler, also a College alum, visited students to offer tools and tips for reaching audiences via social media.

Little Fish Design Company delivers print and digital work for small and large businesses, higher education, individuals and nonprofits. Because the Community Branding Initiative demande a strong digitial focus, Little Fish was contracted to collaborate with all three student teams and faculty leaders to design attractive, inviting websites for each community to bring greater awareness to their new brands and to their towns.

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