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| All of the branding plan case studies included here are used with permission from

North Star, a community-branding firm based in Nashville, TN. |



"When I stepped into this role I was excited, but I was also nervous. The team had a chapter deadline approaching, and I felt very behind. I headed to the library and spent hours compiling information. I needed to understand the common themes surrounding the community member’s opinions about Pineville."

"One thing I have learned this semester is how truly rewarding it is to give everything you have to a project and then see the results."

"Dr. Colistra always tells us that no matter how good our content is, people need to WANT to read it. It is vital to put infographics and images in all sections of a branding plan." #BrandMatewan's Courtney Bartsch describes why research is essential to every branding plan.

"Many people know that Microsoft Excel is a handy tool for organizing, but it isn’t commonly known that Excel is the Swiss army knife of computer programs. Excel is useful for keeping track of invoices, customers, money, contacts, dates, and more – the list of possibilities is nearly endless. In fact, I’m almost tempted to create an Excel spreadsheet of the potential uses for Excel." Beginner's tips from #BrandMatewan's Christopher Adeigbo.

#BrandMatewan Research Director Chelsea Betts shares tips on analyzing a branding plan's success.

"Branding a town is not an easy process. It’s about discovering the emotional response that is tied to your community and enhancing its reputation. A brand is a single representation of your community, so development of one cohesive identity to convey to its audience is necessary." #BrandWhitesville's Megan Hardway describes how research is essential in every branding process.

"I have lived and breathed research for the past four years of my life and now is my chance to finally put it into practice with this community branding initiative. I’ve finally realized that you can't really do anything without research."  Tips via #BrandGrafton's Amanda Horan.

#BrandWhitesville's Taylor Young has a piece of advice for anyone conducting a focus group: don't wing it!

#BrandWhitesville's Megan Hardway describes how research helped turn her team's ideas into reality.

"When it comes to promoting your brand, it doesn't matter whether it is a longstanding brand, new brand, or a rebrand: promotional merchandise is key." #BrandGrafton's Caitlin Brittingham offers tips on buying promotional merchandise.

"A pitch is arguably one of the most important aspects needed to go well in order to move along with any campaign. This is the point where the creative juices of the team get poured out in front of the client." Pitch tips from #BrandMatewan's Tyler Clendenin.

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"Overall, I have learned some easy and valuable tips for any beginning photographer which include: charge your battery (an embarrassing mishap), be patient when waiting for the perfect shot, and keep a photography list of desired shots."

Ever wonder when to use a JPG instead of a PNG? Hubspot created a useful outline to help you understand the difference between each file format and when they are appropriate to use.

Light Stalking offers photography tips for beginners.

Create beautiful infographics in less than 10 minutes.

A useful guide for journalism majors whose skills lie in painting pictures with words, not in Photoshop.